Where Are They Now John Bos aAs part of Throwback Thursday,Eli Apple Jersey each week we update the current professional and personal status of a Dolphins alumnus. This week, we feature former defensive end John Bosa. When John Bosa looks at his two sons,Darron Lee Jersey Joey and Nick, he must feel a little like he is gazing into a mirror. They seem to be following the same career path to football success that John blazed 30 years ago. Bosa was a standout defensive end at Ohio State and was a first-round selection (the 16th overall pick) by the Dolphins in 1987.Tony Romo Jersey Joey, his oldest son, did even better. Just like his dad,Clay Matthews Jersey Joey carved out a stellar career as a defensive end for the Buckeyes and also was picked in the first round of the draft. But in this case he was selected 13 spots ahead of his dad, as the third overall pick this year by the San Diego Chargers. Younger brother Nick has already traveled a good portion of that same road,Justin Hunter Jersey looking to continue the family tradition of football excellence in Columbus as a highly regarded freshman defensive end (what else?) after following Joey at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale where they were both scholastic standouts.Eli Manning Jersey But that is where John hopes the similarities between father and sons end. John joined the Dolphins amidst great expectations. And he played well his first year in Miami, starting 12 games in 1987 and becoming an all-rookie selection that year.Eric Decker Jersey But he suffered a debilitating injury to his left knee in 1988 that severely hampered his effectiveness, followed by another serious knee injury -- this time to his right one -- in a preseason game in 1990 that ended his career. So it was his injuries that limited Bosa to just three years in the NFL, not his ability.Germain Ifedi Jersey His one healthy season offered a glimpse of the outstanding player he might have been had he stayed healthy. John didn't let those setbacks derail his own career arc, even though his success came in the business world instead of the gridiron. He used the same toughness and dedication that helped him fight through those serious injuries to build a successful post-football career,Eddie Lacy Jersey one that in the end allowed him to travel full circle and eventually return, via his kids, to the game he loves. "After I retired from the Dolphins,Adrian Peterson Jersey I made the transition from football to become busy in business," said Bosa. "I was fortunate to be able to open my first gym in South Beach in 1992. It was called ‘The Gridiron Club.'